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How can I change the font size and the font type of the calculator's text box?

The Settings-Window can be called via the Settings-command, which is in the popup-menu of the Commands-Button. The Settings-window allows one to adjust several options of Calculator Pro and amongst others the font size and type for the calculator’s text box.

The calculator’s text box is blocked for several seconds after every start of the calculator. What’s responsible for that hold-up?

You have activated the option “Check for Calculator Pro updates at every program start”. And if you have a firewall installed maybe that will bars Calculator Pro from connecting to the internet. This mostly causes the hold-up. It is also possible, that the automatic update check takes longer, when there is no internet connection available.

If you don’t want Calculator Pro to check for updates automatically, just deactivate that option in the Settings-window, which can be opened by select the Settings-command in the popup menu of the Commands-button.

3 The function Automatic Updates does not work proper. It always get aborted by an error message. What’s responsible for that? Maybe there were really some connection errors. But more often a Firewall causes that problem by bar Calculator Pro from connection to the Internet. To solve that problem you can either download and install the update manually or you have to change the settings of your firewall in that way, that Calculator Pro is allowed to connect to the internet. The update files for a manually download you will find here.
4 Where do I find the version number of Calculator Pro? You will find the version number of Calculator Pro in the About-Window below the window title. The About-window can be called via the popup menu of the Commands-button.
5 Where do I find the Version history of Calculator Pro? You will find the version history of Calculator Pro here.

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